SIAM Data Minining Conference - The SDM 2014 Doctoral Forum

The 2014 SIAM Data Mining Conference was organized by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) in cooperation with the American Statistical Association (ASA). SDM 2014 was held in Philadelphia (PA), USA from April 24 to April 26, 2014.

The SDM 2014 Doctoral Forum took place from 5:45-7:45pm on Friday April 25. The Forum consisted of a poster session where Ph.D. candidates in data mining, statistics, computer science and other closely related areas, who have made significant progress towards Ph.D. candidacy, presented their work.

This year, we had 45 accepted posters and we had a very lively and well-attended event. We wish to congratulate all the presenters for their work and all the attendees for making this event a success!

The SDM 2014 Ph.D. Forum Committee (Arindam Banerjee, Carlotta Domeniconi, Jing Gao, Aditya Prakash, Pang Ning Tan, Hui Xiong, and Slobodan Vucetic) selected the best presentations:

The Best Presentation: Matteo Riondato (Brown University) "Randomized Algorithms for Big Data Analytics"

The Runner-Up presentation: Gowtham Atluri (University Minnesota) "Discovering Transient Relationships between Brain Regions from fMRI Time Series Data"


Accepted presentations:

1. Ayan Acharya (University of Texas at Austin) "Concurrent and Continual Knowledge Transfer using Latent Variable Models"

2. Pranay Anchuri (Rensselaer University) "Algorithms for Mining Frequent Approximate Patterns"

3. Sabeur Aridhi (Blaise Pascal University, France) "Distributed Frequent Subgraph Mining in the Cloud"

4. Gowtham Atluri (University Minnesota) " Discovering Transient Relationships between Brain Regions from fMRI Time Series Data "

5. Aniket Chakrabarti (Ohio State University) "Data Placement Strategies for Large Scale Data Analytics"

6. Yanping Chen (University of California) "Data Mining Large Entomological Datasets"

7. Yu Cheng (Northwestern University) "Mining User Behavior on Social Media"

8. Erkang Cheng (Temple University) "Learning- based Based Curvilinear Structure Analysis in Medical Images"

9. Ryan Curtin (Georgia Institute of Technology) "Improving Dual-Tree Algorithms"

10. Ying Dai (Temple University) "Efficient Routing Protocols and Spectrum Management Design in Cognitive Radio Networks"

11. Jake Drew (Southern Methodist University) "Strand: Variable Length k-mer Sequence Comparison Using Map Reduce"

12. SM Faisal (Ohio State University) "Towards Energy Efficient Data Mining & Graph Processing"

13. David Furhy (Ohio State University) "PLASMA-HD: Probing the LAttice Structure and MAkeup of High-dimensional Data"

14. Xia Ben Hu (Arizona State University) " Detecting Social Spammers on Twitter"

15. Shahid Hussain (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology) "Discrete and Decision Tree Optimization"

16. Seyed Iman Mirrezaei (University of Illinois at Chicago) "Information Extraction, Linked Open Data"

17. Zubin Jelveh (New York University) "Essays at the Intersection of Text-Mining and Economics"

18. Kory Johnson (University of Pennsylvania) "In Defense of l0: Greedy Feature Selection"

19. Lakesh Kansakar (Temple University) "Semi-Supervised Method for Integration of Multiple Satellite Instruments for AOD Prediction"

20. Anuj Karpatne (University of Minnesota) "Mining Relationships in Spatiotemporal Data"

21. Khang Lam (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) "Automatically Creating Bilingual Lexical Resources"

22. Xin Li (Temple University) "Active Learning for Semantic Classification"

23. Nan Li (Temple University) "Affinity Learning and its Applications"

24. Sheng Li (Northeastern University) " Low-Rank Coding with b-Matching Constraint for Semi-Supervised Classification"

25. Yuan Ling (Drexel University) "A Framework for Mining and Matching Symptom and Medication Relation from Clinical Notes "

26. Zitao Liu (University of Pittsburgh) "Multivariate Time Series Analysis"

27. Varsha Mamidi (Monash University) "Estimating Order Imbalance in Stock Markets through Machine Learning"

28. Varun Mithal Varun Mithal (University of Minnesota) "Event Detection in Spatiotemporal Data: Application in Land Surface Monitoring"

29. Yuanli Pei (Oregon State University) "Constraint-based Clustering "

30. Meng Qu (Rutgers University) "A Cost-Efficient Mobile Recommender System for Taxi Drivers"

31. Reihaneh Rabbany (University of Alberta) "Communities in Information Networks: Beyond the Relations"

32. Dusan Ramljak (Temple University) "Using Entire Network of Big Data to Predict Individual Behavior"

33. Yazhou Ren (George Mason University) "Clustering on High-Dimensional Data"

34. Matteo Riondato (Brown University) "Randomized Algorithms for Big Data Analytics"

35. Maad Shatnawi (United Arab Emirates University) "Protein Domain Linker Prediction and Their Role in Protein-Protein Interaction"

36. Andreia Silva (Instituto Superior Técnico-Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal) "Pattern Mining on Data Warehouses: A Domain Driven Approach"

37. Xiaoli Song (Drexel University) "Transitional Topic Model Based on Relation Extraction"

38. Theja Tulabandhula (MIT) "Machine Learning and Decision Making"

39. Min Xiao (Temple University) "Domain Adaptation and Cross-Lingual Adaptation Learning"

40. Caiming Xiong (State University of New York at Buffalo) "Learning From and Actively Selecting Pairwise Constraints in Data Science"

41. Huan Yang (Lehigh University) "On Sampling Frequencies for Energy Disaggregation in Smart Grids"

42. Jinyuan Yang (Rutgers University) "Multi-focal Lead Scoring for Predictive Modeling in B2B Market"

43. Mi Zhang (Drexel University) "User Interaction Patterns and Predictions in Online Communities of Smoking Cessation Intervention Programs"

44. Yang Zhang (Ohio State University) "Analyzing and Visualizing Large Scale Networks"

45. Huanyang Zheng (Temple University) "Spatiotemporal Cascades in Online Social Networks"

Support for the SDM Doctoral Forum comes from:

National Science Foundation