Dušan Ramljak - Research

Research Objectives

The primary objective of my research is to solve challenging Storage Systems problems related to Provenance and Caching by developing and integrating distributed and parallel data mining and statistical learning technology for an efficient knowledge discovery at large sequence and temporal databases. During my studies at Temple I have been working on the following projects:

Research Projects

Storage Systems

  • Data Driven High Performance Data Access
  • Provenance of Collection in Storage Systems
  • Optimizing Cloud Gateway File Systems


  • A Novel Data Mining Approach for Healthcare Data Analysis

Big Data

Biomedical Sciences


Social Sciences

  • Child protective safety assessment - improving the accuracy of substantiate disposition prediction

Machine Learning

  • Evaluating accuracy of the predictor and characterizing the quality of confidence interval estimation of DCI imputed data when data is not missing at random

Online Social Networks

  • Improving the Content Delivery Networks by mining Online Social Networks

Text mining

  • Opinion Classification of comments regarding Serbian news text

Parallel computing, Optimization and Metaheuristic methods

  • Design Parallel Meta-heuristic methods
  • Bee Colony Optimization for the p-Center Location Problem and for Scheduling Independent Tasks on Identical Machines
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