Preset assumptions:
Current date: 19JUN2003
Current time: 4:00 pm

When would you like to begin your trip?

Route planning type:
Shortest distance
Shortest travel time


This page is here to demonstrate the practical application of traffic forecasting. In short, this app will allow a user to select a date, a source, and a destination. The app will then generate a route based on the shortest travel time along the highway system. Alternatively, you may also request the shortest distance between two points, also along the highway system.


The points presented to the user are the actual locations of sensors on Minneapolis's highways. Part of our work included creating a graph to represent the connections between all of the sensors. This graph is less than perfect and has an increasing number of errors in places of great complexity. There are sections of the graph that get pretty weird. Also, this program only considers the highways. Sometimes, your route may take you pretty far out of your way because it can't find a U-turn. This is because it does not have the ability to exit the highway and to use the side streets to get back on. Hopefully, this will be implemented in the future.

Here are some tips for finding good examples: