Haibin Ling ()    (CV)
Center for Data Analytics and Biomedical Informatics
Dept. of Computer & Information Sciences, Temple University
382 SERC Building, 1925 North 12th St., Philadelphia, PA 19122
(tel)1-215-204-6973 | (fax)1-215-204-5082
EMAIL: haibin.ling AT gmail.com

Short Bio: Haibin Ling received B.S. and M.S. from Peking University in 1997 and 2000, respectively, and Ph.D. from the University of Maryland in 2006. From 2000 to 2001, he was an assistant researcher at Microsoft Research Asia. From 2006 to 2007, he worked as a postdoctoral scientist at UCLA. He then worked for Siemens Corporate Research as a research scientist. In 2008, he joined Temple University where he is now an Associate Professor. Dr. Ling's research interests include computer vision, augmented reality, medical image analysis, visual privacy protection, and human computer interaction. Dr. Ling received the Best Student Paper Award of ACM UIST in 2003 and the NSF CAREER Award in 2014. He serves as associate editors for IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), Pattern Recognition (PR), and Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU). He had also served or will serve as Area Chairs for CVPR 2014, CVPR 2016, and CVPR 2019.

Research & Teaching
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  • 2018-12: A paper on visual tracking using Gaussian process regression accepted by PAMI, PDF.
  • 2018-12: A paper on groupwise correspondence and multi-target tracking accepted by IJCV, PDF.
  • 2018-11: A paper on image enhancement accepted by PAMI, PDF | code.
  • 2018-11: A paper on object detection accepted by AAAI'19, PDF | code.
  • 2018-09: LaSOT (arXiv), a large tracking benchmark with 3.5M+ manually annotated frames, is released.
  • 2018-09: A paper on illumination estimation accepted by IEEE T on Vis. & Computer Graphics (T-VCG).
  • 2018-06: CfP: Vision Meet Drone (VisDrone): A Challenge: ECCV workshop on drone video analysis.
  • 2018-05: Appointed as an Area Chair for CVPR 2019.
  • 2018-05: A paper on image cropping accepted by PAMI, PDF.
  • 2018-03: The code for our AAAI'18 paper on re-identification is released, PDF | code.

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