The website provides the detailed materials of the following paper. It contains:
    1. A summary of existing salient object detection models and datasets.
    2. The evaluation of existing 24 models on 5 datasets with respect to 11 metrics.
    3. The saliency maps and results of all the evaluated methods.
    4. The source code and results of our proposed Structure Matrix Decomposition (SMD) model.


Salient Object Detection via Structured Matrix Decomposition
Houwen Peng, Haibin Ling and Weiming Hu.
[Paper][Appendix][BibTeX, 2015. (an extended version of the AAAI 2013 paper) 


[07-01-2016] (New!) Update the source code, eveluation metrics and Q&A.
[06-01-2015] Release the source code and results.
[05-01-2015] Upload the saliency maps and results. 

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