Fall 2017 - CIS 5543 - Computer Vision   


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: About the first Quiz

A: The purpose of the quiz is to check your readiness for the course. The contents cover essentially skills from the course pre-requisites, or their pre-req. For example, I expect you are familiar with linear algebra (linear equations, eigen analysis, etc), programming (languages such as Matlab, C/C++, etc), etc. The purpose is to make sure you're ready for the course, before it's too late to drop the course (the deadline for dropping is 9/11).


Q. About paper selection.

A: Each student is expected to present at least one paper. The paper should be selected from those listed under "Paper presentation", i.e., prefixed by "[Presenter: TBD]". The paper list is still up to change. I will send out an email announcing the start of paper selection when all papers are ready. After that, each student should send me an email with their top three choices sorted. Paper assignment will be in the first come first serve order.