Fall 2017 - CIS 5543 - Computer Vision   


About Paper Presentation


Detailed Instructions About Paper Presentation:


1.      A student is required to send the presentation slides to the instructor before the presentation. The slides should be named in the format of LastnameFirstname-Presentation-LastNameOfFirstAuthor.ppt (or .pdf).


2.      Please be prepared carefully including reasonable understanding of relevant work.


3.      The presenter is responsible for answer questions raised during Q&A after the talk.

4.      The presentation takes about 25min (20 min talk + 5 min QA)



Some general comments:


1.      To get a full score of 10 (best), the presenter should show deep understanding of the paper presented (including related background knowledge), answer well questions raised from the audience (including the instructor), deliver a clear talk, prepare nice material, etc.


2.      It is ok to borrow ppt/slides from Internet, but be sure to credit the source.