Here are the first shapes from each class in the MPEG-7 Core Experiment CE-Shape-1 Test Set.

  apple-1      bat-1      beetle-1      bell-1       bird-1      bone-1     bottle-1     brick-1    butterfly-1  camel-1apple-1 bat-1 beetle-1 bell-1 bird-1 bone-1 bottle-1 brick-1 butterfly-1 camel-1

   car-1      carriage-1  cattle-1   cellphone-1 chicken-1    child-1   chopper-1   classic-1   comma-1   crown-1
car-1 carriage-1 cattle-1 cellphone-1 chicken-1\ children-1 chopper-1 classic-1 comma-1 crown-1

   cup-1      deer-1    device0-1  device1-1  device2-1  device3-1  device4-1 device5-1  device6-1  device7-1

device8-1  device9-1    dog-1    elephant-1   face-1       fish-1      flatfish-1       fly-1        fork-1    fountain-1

   frog-1      glas-1      guitar-1   hammer-1     hat-1      hcircle-1    heart-1     horse-1  horseshoe-1   jar-1

   key-1      lizzard-1     imfixh-1     misk-1    octopus-1   pencil-1      car-1      pocket-1     rat-1        ray-1

seasnake-1  shoe-1     spoon-1    spring-1      stef-1      teddy-1     tree-1      truck-1     turtle-1    watch-1

Here you will find the entire data set.

Designed by: Richard Ralph