CIS 4307: Homework Submission

When submitting homework, the following things are expected:

When you are ready to submit, put your homework files in a tar (instructions) and submit it using the dropbox on Blackboard. The dropbox is located on Blackboard under Tools. Be sure to use Send File or I will not be able to get your submission.

NOTE: Only include documentation files and files that are used to compile and run your program. Extraneous files will penalize your submission.


For your homeworks, each source/header and any documentation file should have a header. I expect the following information in the header:

Here is an example of what a header looks like (this should be the first thing in your file):
 * Name: Vladan Radosavljevic
 * Course: CIS4307
 * Filename: example.c
 * Date: 9/14/2009
 * File description goes here.


For comments, at minimum, I'd like to see each function commented. That is, before each function, you should put a comment that states what the function does and its inputs and outputs.

It also helps me understand your submission faster if you put comments in sections of code that are complex.


A make file automates the compilation process. I expect your submission to have a make file so I do not have to figure out how and what I'm supposed to compile and link.

Here is a brief run down on how to create a makefile.


Sometimes, Prof. Ingargiola will include some questions about your solution. These questions will be the bulk of your documentation. Write your documentation in a file of its own and submit it with your homeworks.