CIS 1057: Unix Platform

Accessing the server

You can access unix system using a telnet/SSH program PuTTY.
In the 'Host Name' box you need to enter the host name of the server you want to connect to.

Logging in

After you have connected you will be prompted for username and password. Enter your Temple username (for example tuc9999999999) and password. If menu shows up you should choose option 4 - exit to the Unix system prompt to run other applications or to log off. Then you should type in:

The system will ask you for a password. You should enter your Temple password. If everything is ok the server will grant you access and you can begin your session.

Logging out

When you have finished you should log out by typing exit.

Basic Unix commands

Creating and editing files using Pico

To access pico, type:

Filename is the name of an existing file or the name of a new file. This command will bring you into the pico screen.
You will see commands along the bottom of the screen. These commands are prefaced by the Ctrl character. In order to activate a command, you must hold down the Ctrl key and tap the letter.

Basic commands:

Sending email messages using Pine

To access pine type pine at the Unix system prompt and press enter. You will then see the pine main menu.