CIS 8590 Spring 2013: Assignment Final (Topics in Analysis and Modeling of Social Networks)


Number of problems/points: Three problems for total of 100 points

Out: April 25, 2013

Due: April 30 by 12pm (tasks 1 and 2) (email)

         May 9 by 5:30pm (task 3) (email and hard copy)


1. (Due – April 30 by 12pm)

Download lectures_score_rank_NAME.xlsx Excel file from the class assignments site. Rename the file by replacing "NAME" by your LAST NAME. Score each class lecture on scale 1 to 5 where 5 is the best. Also, rank presentations where 1 is the best (can not use the same rank for two presentations). Email by 12:00pm on April 30 to with subject line LECTURES SCORES AND RANKS.


2. (Due – April 30 by 12pm)

Prepare 6-slides PowerPoint presentations describing your independent research project. Make sure to define the problem, show clearly your method, present the obtained results and include some discussion. This version will be graded and will be used for your 8 minutes in class presentation on May 2 (8 minutes includes questions). Email by 12:00pm on April 30 to   and  with subject line PRESENTATION SLIDES.


3. (Due – May 9 by 5:30pm)

Write the final report for your independent research project. Use the following format:

 (1) Project title, your name with email address and abstract

(2) Introduction (include discussion of objectives and significance)

(3) Background (summarized related work and explain how is your work different)

(4) Proposed Approach

(5) Results and Discussion

(5) References.
The description may not exceed 12 single column pages in 12 pt style

Email by May 9 at 5:30pm PDF file to with (optional if relevant) a pointer to data, code and other supplementary materials. Subject line should be PRESENTATION FINAL REPORT.

Bring a hard copy (required) to Zoran Obradovic's office by the same deadline.