SPRING 2013 CIS 8590-001: Topics in Analysis and Modeling of Social Networks

Time: Thursday, 5:30-8:00pm, Place: Tuttleman 302


Instructor: Zoran Obradovic www.dabi.temple.edu/~zoran

 303 Wachman Hall, zoran.obradovic@temple.edu, phone: 215 204 6265

Office hours: Thursday 3-4pm and by appointment


Presentation Schedule:

 1/24 Introduction, social graphs, disease networks, definitions, structure of the web graph, giant component, small world phenomenon

 1/31 Software (gephi, netlogo, iGraph, pajec), networks characterization (geodesic distance, diameter, clustering coefficient, degree centrality, closeness centrality, eccentricity centrality, betweenness centrality)

 2/7  Erdos-Renyi graph model, networks with signed edges

 2/14 Structural balance, status, predicting edge sign, status vs. similarity

 2/21 Athanasia Polychronopolou: Links prediction
      Zoran: Power law

 2/28 Alexey Uversky: Citations networks modeling
      Dusan Ramljak: Co-authorships networks
      Zoran: Preferential attachment and decentralized search

 3/07 Anjan Nepal – Strength of weak ties
      Shoumik Roychoudhury – Models of evolving networks
      Zoran: Community detection and graph partitioning

 3/14 Spring break

 3/21 Peiyi Li – Auction (chapter 9)
      Qingqing Cai - Matching markets (chapter 10)
      Pengpeng Liang - Social influence analysis

 3/28 Wei Chang – Structure of the web (chapter 13)
      Nouf Albarakati – Link analysis and web search (chapter 14)
      Wei Chang – Voting (chapter 23)

 4/04 Kosta Ristovski - CRF for social networks

 4/11 Ondrei Miller – Modeling network traffic using game theory (chapter 8)
      Elena Penzo - Network models of markets (chapter 11)
      Noor Albarakati: Information cascades (chapter 16)

 4/18 Yu Pang – Markets and information (chapter 22)
      Maor Levy - Predicting the strength of links in social networks
      Vrajesh Chokshi - Kronecker graph

 4/25 Huanyang Zheng - Social-featured routing
      Jian Tan - Criminal network analysis
      Peter Hall: TOPIC?

 5/2  Individual projects progress presentations (4 slides, 6 minutes each)